Top 7 Omakase Experiences in Chicago

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Omakase is so trending across the city right now. During this unique dining experience, you leave the chef in total control as they curate a menu for the night to match the atmosphere of the surrounding, customer, and occasion. It is also the perfect opportunity to truly experience Japanese dining culture — if you know where to get the best omakase experiences in Chicago!

Sushi By Bou

1816 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614

One of the best omakase experiences in Chicago, Sushi By Bou prides itself on the intimate, private, and luxurious experience created by chef Bou.

After making a splash in New York, Miami, and Lincoln Park, Sushi By Bou brings its elegant Omakase experience to the Gold Coast, joining sister restaurant Sushi Boutique in the Claridge House hotel. Whatever the dish, Sushi By Bou features the freshest, finest fish, sourced locally and globally. As the decision-makers, seasoned sushi chefs serve the guests, guiding them through an exclusive, personalized experience. Selections can include Hamachi (yellowtail); Botan Ebi (spotted prawn); Ikura (salmon roe); Hotate(scallop); O-Toro (fatty tuna); Unagi (bbq eel); and their signature Wagyuni (‘surf and turf’).

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The Omakase Room – Sushi San

63 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60654

The Omakase Room at Sushi San is the epitome of what Omakase is all about. With Master Sushi Chefs Kaze Chan and Shigeru Kitan, you can be assured that their skill and precision will only lead to the most delectable sushi and Japanese fare that you’ve ever tasted. At the Omakase Room, you’ll find a 10-person dining room, keeping a small group setting so that each person’s experience is unique. Dining here is about $250 a person, and reservations fill up quickly. Keep an eye on their website for when the opportunity to indulge presents itself! 

Omakase Yume

651 W Washington Blvd Suite #101, Chicago, IL 60661

We all know that the West Loop is home to the best restaurants in the city, and that’s where you’ll find Omakase Yume. Chef Sangtae Park has devoted his culinary skills to Japanese cuisine, and has been an instrumental part of bringing vibrant new ideas to the Chicago restaurant industry. In opening Omakase Yume, Chef Park brings his expertise to groups of six at a time, making the meal extremely personal, delicious, and awe-inspiring. Here, the 16-course meal costs about $185 per person. 

Omakase Takeya

819 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607

One of the best ramen restaurants in the West Loop, Ramen Takeya, is also home to one of the most outstanding Omakase restaurants. On the lower level of Ramen Takeya you’ll find Omakase Takeya. At this semi-hidden gem, you’ll be hand served a 15-course meal by Chef Hiromichi Sasak. Each piece of sushi is hand-crafted, expertly assembled, and plated in a style that’ll leave you practically jumping out of your seat for the next course. Only open Thursday through Sunday, Omakase Takeya is a unique dining experience that’s tougher to come by, but so worth the wait.



2507 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Kyōten, just west of Bucktown, is an Omakase restaurant that prioritizes the discipline, purity, and balance that coincides with sushi making. While staying close to the tradition of the meal, Chef Otto of Kyōten isn’t afraid to bend the rules a bit, taking his experience from elite restaurants like Nobu and Bar Masa to our very own city. The total experience can cost between $440 and $490 a person, depending if its a weekday or weekend, but the price is certainly worth the quality of ingredients and experience. 


731 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60661

If you’ve never dined at a Michelin Star restaurant and love fresh, hand-crafted sushim it’s time to make a reservation at Mako. This Omakase restaurant has one Michelin Star, an achievement that is hard to come by, making it one of the best fine dining experiences in the city. At Mako, the set menu has a whopping 25 courses, so you’re sure to taste a variety of “pristine” fish, all curated in order to provide an excellent dining experience from Chef BK Park, one of the country’s premier sushi chefs.

Kai Zan

2557 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

So far we’ve learned that Omakase dining can be wildly expensive because of the uniqueness of the menu, and that’s where Kai Zan comes in. Open in 2012, sushi chefs Melvin and Carlo Vizconde established a restaurant where Omakase style starts at about $90 per person, but definitely doesn’t lack in atmosphere, freshness, and flavor. Along with the Omakase dining, Kai Zan has a menu full of other Japanese delicacies like Wagyu fried rice, seafood soba, and short rib skewers. If you’re looking for a place with vegetarian sushi options, Kai Zan also has a nigiri assortment that is strictly vegetarian. 


1829 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Mentioned in the Michelin Guide not once but three times, we have Arami. This $150 per person experience includes a 16-course Omakase tasting at their sushi bar. Included in the courses you’ll find a variety of seasonal appetizers, speciality nigiri, and freshly arranged handrolls. Recognized as Best Japanese Cuisine in Chicago from CBS and Chicago’s Best for Omakase from Zagat, Arami is undoubtedly one of the hottest omakase experiences in Chicago. Therefore, grab that reservation the moment it opens up, or you’ll have to wait another month! 

Featured Image: The Omakase Room

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