The Best Exhibits to See at the Field Museum Right Now

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Travel the world and explore the latest scientific discoveries right here in Chicago at the Field Museum. From permanent exhibits to temporary installations, this interactive museum always has something new in store for curious visitors. Keep reading below to get a snapshot of the best exhibits currently going on at the Field Museum.

Wild Color

One of the museum’s newest and most popular exhibits, Wild Color invites visitors to discover the wonder and splendor of color. With immersive rooms representing each color of the rainbow, the exhibit uses light, texture, and sound to investigate the science behind color. Each room in the exhibit’s 7,000 square foot space offers a new perspective on color and a chance to magnify your appreciation of our colorful world.

Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet

Uncover the creatures of history in the Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet exhibit. From single-celled organisms to our distant human family, this exhibit provides a glance into life billions of years ago. You can check out the Tully Monster, which was found here in Illinois and is the official state fossil. The Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet exhibit is also home to SUE, a 40-foot-long and 90-percent-complete Tyrannosaurus rex.

The Machine Inside: Biomechanics

Have you ever wondered how cheetahs run so fast? Or how exactly the wings of birds enable them to fly? The Machine Inside: Biomechanics inspects the engineering within some of nature’s most incredible organisms. Using models, video footage, and even real specimens, this interactive experience highlights the pumps, pipes, motors, and springs found within plants and animals. The exhibit then applies biomechanics to everyday life, showing how scientists have adopted the mechanics of nature for things like Velcro, chainsaws, and turbines.    

Inside Ancient Egypt

The Inside Ancient Egypt exhibit presents a look into the lives (and deaths) of ancient Egyptians. With 23 mummies on display, the museum holds one of the largest collections of mummies in the United States. Gain an in-depth look into the mummification process as well as a glance into the everyday activities of ancient Egyptians. The exhibit includes a recreation of an ancient marketplace inspired by market scenes depicted on tomb walls.

Underground Adventure

Explore the world beneath your feet as you “shrink” to 1/100th of your actual size for the Underground Adventure exhibit. Every species needs soil to survive, and you’ll learn how exactly soil supports the diversity of life above ground in this larger-than-life exhibit. Interact with powerful ants, plants with complex root systems, and even a wolf spider as you gain a picture of the organisms working behind the scenes to make life on earth possible.

If you’re interested in any of these events, check out the Museum’s ticketing, membership, and free admission information here!

Featured Image Credit: Field Museum

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