The 10 Best Games on the 2023-24 Chicago Bulls Schedule

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Franchises across the NBA sent fans into a league-wide frenzy last week when they all dropped their full regular season schedules for the upcoming 2023-2024 NBA season. As is tradition these days, each team had their own special way of announcing their schedule. Whether it was the Minnesota Timberwolves taking part in the breaking containers down the stairs trend, or the Brooklyn Nets quizzing fans on logos, all the schedule drops were entertaining to see. Now, we might be a bit biased, but in our honest opinion – the 2023-24 Chicago Bulls schedule release was the best one of them all!

For the 2023-24 Chicago Bulls schedule drop, the team paid homage to the world of Pokémon with their release. In the video, fans got to witness some battles between Benny and Wembanya, LaVine and Jokic, and even Deebo and LeBron. It was easily one of the top releases in the league this season, and after seeing all 82 games on the schedule – here are 10 of the best ones you won’t want to miss!

The Best Games on the 2023-24 Chicago Bulls Schedule

October 25th | Home vs Oklahoma City Thunder

Up first on our top ten games of the 2023 Bulls schedule is their first regular season game against the Thunder! The Chicago Bulls get to open their season at home this year and have a chance to walk away with a win against OKC. This first matchup should be a good indicator of where our team stands against other teams towards the middle of the NBA power rankings. The Thunder’s young core won’t be an easy matchup, and for those going to the game, there’s a high probability that you’ll be able to witness the first game of Chet Holmgren’s career!

November 3rd | Home vs Brooklyn Nets

This next matchup is the first one within the Eastern Conference on our list against the Brooklyn Nets. On November 3, the Bulls face the Nets at home in their first game of the NBA’s new In-Season Tournament. As members of the East’s Group C, the Bulls will compete in some group play games during the month of November against the Nets, Magic, Celtics, and Raptors. Eight teams from each conference can advance to the Knockout Rounds if they lead their group, or, if they have one of the two best records for second place teams in groups.

November 17th | Home vs Orlando Magic

Two weeks after facing the Nets, the Bulls take on the Orlando Magic in their next In-Season Tournament game. Facing the Magic on November 17 should be a game the Bulls can walk away with the win from. And then, if they happen to do that and are 2-0 in the group, the next set of group play games becomes a lot more meaningful!

November 24th | Away @ Toronto Raptors

Speaking of the next set of group play games, on November 24 the Bulls face the Raptors on the road in their third group play game of the In-Season Tournament. Going against Pascal Siakam and the rest of the Raptors crew is no guaranteed win. But, if you’re a Gradey Dick or Kansas Jayhawk fan, this game will be a great chance to watch him play against the Bulls in a more-meaningful NBA regular season game.

Plus, with the game on the calendar for Black Friday, you can online shop till you drop during commercials while you recover from your food hangover as a result of the day prior.

December 12th | Home vs Denver Nuggets

It seems a little wild to look ahead to December at this point in the year. But, this next great game on the 2023-24 Chicago Bulls schedule should really be a litmus test for how good our squad is. After over a month of regular season play, the Bull will face off against the reigning NBA championship winning Denver Nuggets. Maybe, just maybe, Christmas will come early for us fans and DeRozan can give us some of his patented fourth quarter magic to give us a win.

December 20th | Home vs Los Angeles Lakers

This next Western conference matchup takes place just five days before Santa visits with a game against the Los Angeles Lakers on December 20. Like the last game, this one could also be used as a good way to gauge just how competitive this Chicago Bulls squad is against some of the top teams in the league. It might be against LeBron James, but we can’t quite count the Bulls out of this game yet, which means you won’t want to miss it!

December 21st | Home vs San Antonio Spurs

Like we mentioned earlier, Benny got his first shot at this year’s number one overall NBA draft pick, Victor Wembanyana, in the 2023-24 Chicago Bulls schedule release video. But, as far as the rest of the team goes, they won’t match up against Wembanyana and the Spurs until a home game on December 21.

Given how close it is to Christmas, we’ll just share a way to get some tickets for the game if anyone is trying to do some holiday shopping a bit early this year.

February 6th | Home vs Minnesota Timberwolves

This next game happens to be the first one on our list that occurs in 2024, and based on what we’ve seen from the US Men’s National Team this summer, it’s sure to be an exciting one.

On February 6 next year, the Bulls are set to play against the Minnesota Timberwolves and Anthony Edwards for the first time all season. What makes this game special is that it could feature a potential 2023-2024 MVP candidate in Edwards in what we only hope is a competitive game for a Bulls team that’s still battling for a playoff spot.

March 1st | Home vs Milwaukee Bucks

What’s better than a primetime Friday night game on ESPN? A primetime Friday night game on ESPN against the Milwaukee Bucks, that’s what!

On March 1 of 2024, the Bulls face the Bucks at home in their final matchup against their northern rivals of the year. Getting the victory of Antetokounmpo and the rest of the Bucks squad at this part of the season could be very, very meaningful to the Bulls playoff hopes. Because of that, you’ll want to block off your calendar that Friday night. We’ll need all the positive fan energy we can get!

April 9th | Home vs New York Knicks

The last matchup on our list of the top games on the 2023-24 Chicago Bulls schedule is the team’s final home game of the regular season against the New York Knicks. After this one, the Bulls wrap up their season on the road with three more games, with the final one coming against the Knicks again just five days after.

Last season, the Bulls were 1-2 against the Knicks. So, not only could they look to pull ahead in the record of recent games against them, but, given that they’re both Eastern Conference teams, there could be plenty of playoff implications for both games.

Visit the NBA’s website to see the entire schedule for the upcoming 2023-24 Chicago Bulls season!

Featured image credit: Chicago Bulls on Instagram.

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