Tanta X Jinsei Motto: An Exclusive Three-Day Fine-Dining Collaboration

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Aside from the abundance of restaurants featuring unique cuisines, one of Chicago’s most iconic hospitality scenes is collaborations between chefs bridging the gap between food from around the world. This February, the two executive chefs from Tanta Chicago and Jinesei Motto will bring food lovers a unique fine dining experience for a limited time in the form of a 16-course dinner from Feb. 9 thru Feb. 11 for $195 per person. Reservations are now available via OpenTable,

Image Credit: Mistey Nguyen

The mastermind behind Tanta’s innovative Peruvian menu, Chef Roberto Rocha grew up in a restaurant owned by his parents in Peru and found refuge and identity within the kitchen. Graduating with a Graphic Design degree, Chef Roberto utilizes his creative and artistic eye by playing with colorful ingredients when creating his dishes. With his passion for innovation and creation, Chef Roberto relishes in his opportunity to touch the hearts of each Tanta guest with bold and unique flavors influenced by Peruvian traditions and modern gastronomy.

Image Credit: Mistey Nguyen

From Thursday, February 9th to Saturday, February 11th, guests can experience an exclusive collaboration event where Executive Chef Roberto Rocha of Tanta (one of the highest-rated restaurants in Chicago) will be joined by Patrick Bouaphanh, the executive chef at MICHELIN-recognized Jinsei Motto.

For $195/person, guests will receive an expertly crafted 16 course Omakase-style dinner! For those interested in pairing their dishes with cocktails, a specially curated drinks list will also be available. This event will be an elevated dining experience where both chefs will present each dish to the attendees, explaining the inspiration and background behind each.

This three-day collaboration will be happening at Tanta (118 W. Grand Ave). There will be two seatings each night: the first seating begins at 5:30 PM and the second seating takes place at 8:15 PM. Secure your reservation today via OpenTable, or by visiting https://www.tantachicago.com/.

Featured Image: Mistey Nguyen/Tanta Chicago

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