Tanja Subotic’s Upcoming Stories In Golden Virtue Are A Conduit Of Divine Wisdom

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Humanity’s next-great modern allegory has been written. Tanja Subotic’s The Golden Virtue is the result of a meaningful labor of love – and the author’s faithfulness to wisdom delivered to her by the Divine Spirit. In a world of disease and discord, these are the stories that will aid humanity in a quest to cultivate a life of balance and restore harmony. Subotic illuminates and inspires beauty with her stories. It is with bated breath that the world awaits them.

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Echoing through the universe are narratives of love, beauty, and truth. Their message promises revelation to all who will turn an ear inward.

Divine Wisdom has a will of its own. It has chosen an intuitive conduit who will unfold a conscious path for a greater understanding of Its truth.

Tanja Subotic, an intuitive writer, storyteller, and entrepreneur has unified with the divine to write what is being called The Golden Virtue. This is divinity rekindled and the result of a decade-long journey to use creative writing as a framework for greater humanity to understand the beauty of the soul – so that all may unite as one collective. This wisdom offers the power of healing – from both disease and discord – but even more so a connection to the sacred relationship to our divinity, the light of life. This makes Subotic’s work a must-read when it is finally released.

Allegory has long been one of humanity’s most potent vehicles for self-discovery, enlightenment, and meta-physical understanding. For evidence, look to the significance of Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist, the fables of Aesop, the mythos of ancient Greece, and our unforgettable fairytales and sacred scripts which have shifted humanity’s spiritual consciousness over history.

These are the stories that stick with us the most,” Subotic says. “They have never left our humanity, and they are still pillars and the foundation of all of our literature. It’s the omnipresent source.”

Subotic’s upcoming storytelling masterpiece is one in which the protagonist moves from darkness into the light. This journey unfolds in three stages, an allusion to the stages of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy: Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradiso. Through these three stages the protagonist unveils the deep truths found in a sacred and unified union with the Divine that blossom her full potential of creative energies for the greater good of humanity.

Created in collaboration with Divine Wisdom that the writer is fiercely devoted to, this is a story of pilgrimage: a woman’s journey as she rises above shadow, pain, and ignorance, finding a wisdom which offers balance and harmony.

The Golden Virtue – as with any true allegory – promises that its narrative will run parallel to the plight of humanity. This means that readers have an active role in this story. If they so chose enlightenment, they might place themselves in the journey towards the light where the soul is liberated and freed from the binds of the dark to be in full expression as a part of the totality of life and creation.

Subotic has found a calling as a messenger of wisdom. This has unfolded through a life path forged by a series of events that propelled her to reawaken her union with the Divine. A willing conduit, the skillful storyteller is on an epic mission to bring this profound and life-changing shift to others, using her creativity to illuminate and inspire.

Readers will find that Subotic has woven treasures of wisdom throughout the stories they will experience in The Golden Virtue. These, Subotic says, are “guided by spirit.”

“My journey taught me that we’re not separate from the genius,” she says, “we just don’t know that we have it in us. I had to learn that I could tap into it.”

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Subotic writes to readers seeking purpose. Some are suffering from disease which ails their body and suppresses their spirit. Others are weighed down by the burdens of discord, which cry louder by the day. We know that if we can overcome these obstacles, we can be completely free to express the creative energy of the soul. Subotic is the perfect guide to getting us there. The wisdom of her prose is profound. In our modern times, the timeless message she shares has never been more relevant, necessary, and refreshing.

All of this builds into a growing world movement which is being called One Love. Inspired by Subotic’s teaching, this is the movement that moves to unite the world and plant a new social narrative: one that pivots from the redundancy and ignorance of our world and towards a lens that sees the love and beauty of a united humanity.

“The true purpose of life,” Subotic says, “is to tap into that illuminated creative life force energy which everything comes from. It’s not above us, it’s the higher self of us.”

Beyond the written word, Subotic is working on further ways to share her message – so that the Divine Wisdom can reach humanity at large. Short narratives and videos that inspire are being worked on in companion to The Golden Virtue. Also, once Hollywood gets their eyes on the stories within, it will only be a matter of time until there are movies proclaiming these narratives of love, beauty, and truth.

This upcoming release promises to unveil The Golden Virtue – a wisdom that dwells within all of us, while being as expansive as the universe itself. It is with eager excitement that the world waits while Subotic faithfully listens to the Divine Spirit and diligently writes the stories that are poised to change this generation and the many who will come after it.

So if you are in the darkness that is disease and discord – and seeking a purpose that will take you to the light – know that we are nearing a time of transformation. A new journey is revealing itself: a quest through love, beauty, and truth which will unify humanity.

Be among the first who will be shown the treasures of wisdom found in Tanja Subotic’s teaching. Follow this intuitive guide on social media, and find information on The Golden Virtue here.

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