Rome’s Fabled Bonci Pizza Will Soon Open a New Chicago Location in Lakeview

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The third Chicago location of Bonci, the fabled Italian pizzeria from Rome, should open later this month in Lakeview at 3151 N. Broadway. Bonci features pizza al taglio, rectangular slices that are sold deli style — by its weight. Named after founder Gabrielle Bonci, the pizzeria features a light and airy crust topped with artisan ingredients. Thursday, April 18 is the scheduled opening date.

With pizzas like lemon ricotta and a vegan mushroom rosa, Americans only accustomed to U.S. chains may have been in for a jolt. Bonci — who has been featured on Netflix’s Chef’s Table — told Eater during a 2017 visit to Chicago that Italians enjoyed his pizza more as a snack versus how Americans consume pizza as a full meal. Since its U.S. debut, Bonci has tailored its menu to American tastes, adding ingredients like pepperoni and offering full pies. The experience at Bonci is unique where customers can point to pizzas sitting in display cases and hold up their hands and fingers to indicate a length which shows workers how much they want.

Bonci, which gained many Americans’ attention after Anthony Bourdain sang its praises, opened its first location outside of Italy seven years ago in the West Loop. The U.S. ownership group of Chakib Touhami and Rick Tasman have shifted their expansion plans over the years with the pandemic playing no small role. They planned on opening locations across the country (and they did in Miami and New Orleans), but have since reloaded with a new focus on Chicago neighborhoods. They’ve allied with Dom’s Kitchen & Market to be part of the growing grocer’s food court and have presences in Old Town and Lincoln Park.

Last year, Bonci opened a location near Diversey and Clybourn, near the border of Lincoln Park and Lakeview. Touhami tells Eater they had hoped to start debuting suburban locations and had lined up a Naperville space. That deal has snarled and they proceeded with their newest Lakeview spot.

The shop is a five-minute drive and 20-minute walk to Wrigley Field, in case Cubs need any creative dining ideas.

Bonci, 3151 N. Broadway, planned for a Thursday, April 18 opening.

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