Our Favorite Chicago Sports Bromances Throughout the Years

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Love is in the air! That’s right, Chicago sports fans, today is Valentine’s day and here at UrbanMatter Chicago we love celebrating love. If you’re spending time with a special someone this year then hopefully you’ve figured out a gift by now and made reservations for date night. But if not, don’t sweat it, because we’ve got you covered with our fool-proof Valentine’s day gift guide and list of 17 fun date ideas to get you back on track.You can thank us later.

For those of you who woke up a bit more prepared today – let’s kickoff V-day 2023 with some of our favorite Chicago sports bromances of all time!

4 Chicago Sports Bromances We LOVE

Thx man, seriously though what’s with the no-follow https://t.co/odMLlU0XWI

— Jonathan Toews (@JonathanToews) May 4, 2016

Kane and Toews

If this Chicago sports bromance was a person, it’d be old enough to drive. We’re starting off our list with one of the strongest sports bromances in history: Patrick Kane and Johnathan Toews.

This bromance started way back in the year 2007 when Kane was drafted to the Chicago Blackhawks a year after Toews was selected. Since then, the duo has gone on to win three Stanley Cup championships and five times the amount of NHL All-Star appearances combined. While their bromance started in the late 2000’s, it would take another ten years for the two to follow each other on Twitter (see above).

Just goes to show that every couple has their own unique love story.

It’s a night of crying and pouring my feelings into ice cream now that Bryzzo is over 😢. JK congrats u 2 lovebirds💑 https://t.co/1dSo4JpLqf

— Anthony Rizzo (@ARizzo44) December 30, 2015

Bryant and Rizzo

This next Chicago sports bromance is – or was – so official that it had its own cute pet name. Just like Bennifer and Brangelina, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo formed their own super-sport couple in Bryzzo.

Like Kane and Toews, the Bryzzo couple also won a championship together in the historic 106-year World Series drought winning season of 2015-2016. But for Bryzzo, things got even more serious when the two hooked up for their own Bryzzo ad campaign.

All good things gotta come to an end, and prior to both players being traded from the Cubs in 2021, the couple seemed to fizzle out after Bryant announced his engagement towards the end of 2015. Which, naturally, led to another entertaining Twitter thread (see above, again.)

Kmet and Graham

Nothing appeared to be tighter than the love these two Chicago Bears tight ends had for each other just a few years ago. They may not have their own pet name, but for Cole Kmet and Jimmy Graham the bromance was real in the tight end room.

During an interview on NBC Sports Chicago’s Countdown to Kickoff, both players had nothing but positive things to say about one another and the veteran Graham said that he’d always be a mentor for the young Kmet. We like to believe he’s kept his word over the years because there’s no question that Cole Kmet has established himself as a strong receiving weapon on the Bears roster.

Mooney and Fields

Our final Chicago sports bromance is one of the fresher ones we’re featuring, but that doesn’t mean the connection isn’t as strong. Like seriously, what’s stronger than a connection between a quarterback and their wide receiver?

During their offseason last summer, Justin Fields and Darnell Mooney had plenty of time to workout together and build up their connection on and off the field. In an interview posted on the team’s Facebook page, both players spoke highly of each other’s work ethic as professionals and their qualities as people.

This past season saw the Mooney-Fields connection lead the team in big yardage receiving plays (20+ yards) with seven and yards per game at 41.1. We sure hope their connection stays strong for years to come!

Featured Image Credit: Chicago Bears Instagram

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