New Exhibition, Undertones Marks the Reopening of the Gallery at Ace Hotel Chicago

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Marking the grand reopening of the gallery at Ace Hotel Chicago on December, 10 from 6-10 pm, Undertones is a photography and film exhibition curated and created by artist Steven Piper, designed to recognize the undecorated natural beauty within each model and therefore redefine what authenticity really means in today’s world.

“Imagery empowers people to recognize their own beauty is a form of love, unprovoked and independent from any trend,” said Steven Piper, artist, and director of the exhibition.

Telling Stories Differently

Stepping away from the chaotic center of argument and aggression, Undertones takes a unique approach by focusing on the universal issues hiding behind individual tragedies — unheard voices, untold stories, and underrepresented identities.

Curating a diverse team of 10 models, Undertones is determined to tell the stories from a raw human perspective. The viewers are challenged to rethink their definitions of beauty, and eventually reach the conclusion that authenticity is the essence of all things beautiful.

“The push to challenge society’s perceptions of beauty showcases the power of resilience and the journey of self-love that exists for folks who have historically felt or been unseen,” said Piper.

About the Artist

A native Chicago artist, director and photographer, Steven Piper is a self-taught artist who decided to follow his true calling in visual storytelling after spending his college years in business school. Pulling most of his artistic sensibilities from his time abroad in Paris, Steven’s work embraces the unique identity of each subject and composes a powerful visual narrative using sound, photography, and video.

Most recently, Steven has opened a new studio with several artists in the Flat Iron Building in Wicker Park. This new space is many things: a place to build community, a place to express himself, and a space to create the best work of his career yet, beginning with this new project: Undertones.

The Gallery at Ace Hotel Chicago is Back

The gallery at the Ace Hotel in the Fulton Market has always been a unique landmark for those familiar with the neighborhood. After over a year-and-a-half, the gallery is finally reopening with this brand new exhibition so suitable for the post-pandemic era.

Mark your calendars for Friday, December 10th for the opening of Undertones, starting at 6:00 pm. This is a non-profit exhibition. However, you can support the artist by purchasing an opening night ticket.

Secure your seat here.

Featured Image Credit: Steven Piper

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