Meet Tony Flattum; The Real Estate And Roofing Expert Whose One-Stop-Shop Is All You Need

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With over 20 years of experience, Tony Flattum, the Managing Director of Built Strong Exteriors LLC, aims to take the core values of trust, honesty and integrity as the concrete foundations for his new business venture Flattum Capital.

From one roof to another, the structure that protects us against rain, snow, sunlight, wind, and extremes are now being transformed into something more reliable – acting as a more robust protective figure than before. One man who exemplifies these core morals is Tony Flattum.

As an American-based expert for roofing properties and real estate, to say that Flattum knows a thing or two about how to run a construction roofing business would be an understatement. Each year in Oakdale, Minnesota, residents are continuously faced with life-ruining storms that could potentially rack up at least $25 million per incident in insurance claims. With over 20 years of experience in the field dealing with significant hailstorms each year, who better to turn to for help than a jack-of-all-trades?

Tony Flattum began his industry journey in 2002. After falling in love with the process of fixing and installing new roofing, gutters, windows and siding, he launched his first restoration company in 2006. 

After managing operations for several years, Flattum joined Built Strong Exteriors LLC in 2015, determined to mend a fragmented industry and create better opportunities for his team and people. Today he has transformed Built Strong Exteriors LLC into a family-owned and operated company with hearts firmly rooted in strong family values.

Besides leading with loyalties, the robust process makes Flattum and his team stand out from their competition. Why? Because Built Strong provides customers with a one-stop opportunity to get everything they need in trustworthy and reliable hands. They do everything, from residential roofing, solar installations, and insurance aid to the commercial side.

And it doesn’t stop there. With an asset management company like Flattum Capital, working alongside his rental properties, Flattum aims to utilise his construction branches to build a powerful integrating link between the two. “Having experience in rental properties and a business that handles all omens of the exterior is a great plus, he explains. “Knowing every little angle while still asset managing is huge for me.” 

Flattum started his personal property portfolio when he repurchased rental properties in 2004. With a gap in the market, this soon transpired from single-family homes to office complexes; “I bought a few office complexes and then four-plexes, eight-plexes – just slowly starting to step it up to a new level each time,” he says.

Today he has made it his mission to help others build a solid community. He maintains building, motivating, and managing high-performance, takes care of the home’s exteriors, and has driven his dedicated staff to execute greatness.

Flattum is the preferred real estate guru in Minnesota, and with a strong team behind him, he knows how to guide his clients or what he calls ‘family’ in the right direction. “Built Strong takes the responsibility of protecting the customer’s family from the elements of weather so they can focus on enjoying and taking care of their family,” says Flattum.

Leading with loyalties, the Managing Director of Built Strong Exteriors LLC, Tony Flattum, is taking his Minnesota-based exterior construction company to new heights with a mission to become the one-stop number shop in Oakdale. 

To support that mission and continued growth, Tony Flattum strives to be the go-to source for exterior construction – that includes residential, commercial and multi-family – in the communities they serve. 

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