“Hoy Sale El Sol” Featuring Ft G.S.Luna and Priscilla Castillo is Out On All Platforms

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Priscilla Castillo and G.S. Luna have released their long-awaited song, “Hoy Sale El
Sol.” The track, released less than a week ago, has hit 600K plays on Soundcloud, with
many praising the unique style and sound. Hoy Sale El Sol is multilingual – it includes
verses in English and Latin. This is Castillo’s first track, written and performed by Axel
Ortiz, Priscilla, S. Luna, and Chris Da Exec.

Their differences make the song great and allow them to share the message perfectly.
Chris Da Exec is known for his unique ideas and sounds. His style is almost similar to
that of Castillo and Axel, who is Castillo’s vocal coach.

Chris draws inspiration from music legends, combining the 90s with today’s sound.
Some other songs by Chris Da Exec include “Broken.”

“Hoy Sale El Sol” has some noteworthy lyrics and conveys love, hope, strength, and
healing. Speaking more about this project, Chris Da Exec says this is a song he worked
on when he was at his lowest and hopes will inspire people to keep working hard on
their dreams. Sometimes nothing seems to be working out in your favor, and you feel it
is impossible to rebuild your life, says Chris Da Exec. While it is challenging, there are
better options than giving up.

Chris Da Exec has had a rough couple of years. Chris lost his toe not long ago. Chris
Da Exec went to work one night and accidentally stepped on a nail which caused his
foot and leg to swell up, and he had to be booked for immediate surgery. Chris’s foot
had started to change colors, and on his way back to Miami to drive for a diplomat (he
was a security personnel), he received a call that he should reroute to the nearest
hospital or he wasn’t going to make it alive.

Chris went into the hospital, but unfortunately, he couldn’t get the treatment on time as
the facility wasn’t well equipped. Chris Da Exec was sent to another hospital after a few
days, where they drained his foot, but the infection returned, and they had to amputate
it. This surgery changed Chris Da Exec’s life. It made it difficult for Chris to work and
stand for long hours, which led him to shift paths.

Chris Da Exec had started to rebuild his brand when COVID happened, and he lost his
job. He went to the west coast to work in order to pay the bills and keep a roof over his
head back in Miami. Amidst all this, Chris got COVID. At the time, Chris was struggling
financially and had no insurance to cover the hospital bills. But he didn’t stop fighting.

He decided to use this time to follow his music passion. Chris Da Exec started music in
2012 but had to take a break. He stopped working with many aspiring artists due to lack
of work ethics which cost him time and money, when his partner Priscilla Castillo said
she wanted to give it a go. They started looking up voice coaches online and met Axel
Ortiz, who helped Castillo find her sound and perfect it.

Something can be said about kismet and talent meeting at the right place and at the
right time. Together, the artists have done “My Life,” “Love is Pouring,” and the most
recent Hoy sale El Sol ft. S. Luna. The song is available on all streaming platforms!

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