Getting Affordable Bedroom Sets in Chicago

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The cost of everything is going up, but we still have the occasional need for new furniture. When your bedroom furniture is on its last legs, you may be looking for ways to cut corners on costs for a new bedroom furniture set. Gas prices aren’t likely to come down soon, causing increases at every level of the supply chain. 

You can still afford to get new bedroom furniture, but you might need to do it a bit differently than you have in the past. Instead of hitting your local furniture showroom, look for your next furniture set in the following places.

Vintage trends

The 80s and 90s have made  comeback in a big way, and many people want to have vintage furniture in their bedrooms. You can find truly vintage bedroom furniture in junk shops, thrift stores, flea markets, swap n shops, or yard sales. However, it could take you some time to find enough pieces to put together a full bedroom set. You could spend hours driving around and shopping before finding everything you need.

Instead of looking for used furniture that may not last as long as new anyway, look for online furniture stores that offer new furniture in vintage styles. You’ll be able to get a set of matched bedroom furniture and still have the look you were going for. Meanwhile, you’ll be saving a ton of gas over scouring the countryside for vintage pieces.

Bohemian and eclectic bedroom design

If you want an eclectic look that is eco-friendly, the bohemian bedroom is for you. The key here is for the room to have a unique look that is designed with eco-friendly furniture and décor. Those who want to live a bohemian lifestyle will want features such as:

  • Made with natural materials via sustainable manufacture
  • Eclectic or vintage designs in new furnishings
  • Popular styles are rattan wicker, or layering natural textiles in the décor

You can find sale bedroom sets that meet all of these needs when you shop online. Mix and match fabric patterns and textures within the same furniture collection. This will give you an eclectic look with pieces that are sure to be complimentary.

Modern minimalist

Modern minimalism isn’t just an interior design style, it’s a way of life. Many people are no longer connected to the material, wanting simple bedroom furnishings that serve their purpose but do not clutter up a room. They want functional and clean looking environments conducive to focus on more important things. 

The modern minimalist lifestyle also tends to be a bit nomadic. When you are not staying in one place longer than a year or two, it doesn’t make sense to have a lot of big and bulky furniture. Beds in the modern minimalist style are designed to be lightweight and easy to move from place to place, making them the perfect option for apartment living. 

You’re not going to find modern furniture anywhere but a new furniture store, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay high prices. Shopping online can help you cut your costs as well as decrease the stress on the nation’s fuel resources. Online furniture stores also have frequent or ongoing clearance sales and departments that can even further decrease your costs. Buying a full set that includes, at minimum, a bed, nightstand, and dresser can also afford you some discounts.

Another bonus to shopping online – free shipping

If you purchase used furniture, you have the responsibility and expense of getting it from the location to your home. If you purchase new furniture from your local furniture store, they are going to charge you delivery. They must do so to cover their own expenses related to such deliveries including manpower, vehicle maintenance, and fuel. 

When you shop online you can often get free shipping to your door, making it much  more affordable than purchasing furniture from your local furniture dealer. Having the furniture delivered directly to you cuts out part of the supply chain, lowering your costs. Online furniture stores that sell directly to consumers are able to offer free shipping on most orders, although like other online shopping there may be minimum requirements to do so.

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