Garrett Wolfe Is Helping 100’s Of People Achieve Their Fitness Goals With The Alpha Movement Academy

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As people become more conscious of their health, the need for a sustainable fitness regime is growing. People often make mistakes by prioritizing fat loss to become fit and end up failing, regaining the lost weight. This is where the right coach can bring the right results. Garrett Wolfe, a personal trainer and founder of The Alpha Movement Academy, is bridging this information gap, helping people achieve their dream body in the shortest time and guiding them to sustainability for life.

Garrett Wolfe was only 13 when he realized that he suffered from self-doubt, social anxiety, and lack of confidence due to his thin and weak body. He often feared being bullied or judged by others during school due to his frail physique. At that time, Wolfe was a passionate gamer. He wanted to go pro growing up. Although he achieved the highest possible rank in all his favorite video games, he was unhappy with his virtual accomplishments. He wanted to see real results and live a fulfilling life.

Sitting on a couch and playing video games all day resulted in a skinny-fat body for Wolfe due to complete inactivity. He once tried to perform a singular push-up alone but failed miserably on the ascent and was embarrassed by his inability. That’s when he recognized his poor quality of life and wanted to change. Back then, Wolfe thought gyms were all about climbing ropes and push-up competitions. This perception changed when he visited the gym in his dad’s apartment. His weekly visit to the gym turned into an obsession, he wanted more. He convinced his dad to get a family membership at a local sports club where he could access the gym anytime, but with no car, getting to the gym was a challenge.

Wolfe overcame this challenge by joining an online HIIT training program where he did hours of grueling workouts alone in his basement. At 15, he got a car and started hitting the gym daily to lose some extra pounds. He ate only 1100 calories a day to put his body into acute starvation, resulting in fatigue and nausea. Under expert guidance, Wolfe realized his mistake of trying to get skinny without developing muscle mass. 3 years into fitness journey, he benched 225lbs for the first time in his high school gym class, surprising everyone and regaining his lost confidence.

When Wolfe moved to college, the Covid shutdown changed everything as gyms closed and classes were online only. He realized that a college degree was useless to him, so he quit his studies to start his online fitness training platform named “The Alpha Movement Academy”, formerly known as “PhysFitPhreak”.  Over the last couple of years, Wolfe has trained hundreds of people online, transforming their bodies from skinny-fat to muscular-fit. He finds guiding other people toward their health goals not only fulfilling but an experience not to take for granted. He helps people achieve their dream body in a short time compared to what he achieved through his mistakes. His goal is to help anyone and everyone who will listen. At The Alpha Movement Academy, their philosophy is to become at least 1 percent better every day so you can see visible results in 6 months to a year.

As the CEO and founder of The Alpha Movement Academy, Wolfe is on a mission to help 1,000 people in the next few years achieve their fitness goals. As a trainer, he is completely dedicated to changing lives through 1-to-1 coaching. Wolfe feels a sense of achievement seeing someone at The Alpha Movement Academy completely transform and achieve a fit body through adopting a lifestyle that helps them sustain fitness for life.

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