Christopher Tarhan of Tarhanmotorsport: The Expert in Marketing Strategies for Motorsports

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Motorsport is an exciting, challenging and sometimes dangerous industry.  For those who are bold enough to thrive on its challenges in can also be a very lucrative business for many brands, companies and personalities. It is highly embraced by people worldwide and draws the attention of thousands of fans in attendance and millions more watching at home. Many entrepreneurs and companies have taken advantage of the opportunity to be involved in the sport to create more brand awareness for their products and services. Although motorsports marketing is alluring and exciting, it can be one of the most challenging industries to navigate without the right expertise on your side. Today, many marketing agencies are helping entrepreneurs and businesses handle their marketing within the motorsports world. Christopher Tarhan is a leading marketing strategist in the industry who is offering unique marketing strategies to help businesses achieve success.

Christopher Tarhan is a race car driver, driver coach, marketer, and CEO of Tarhanmotorsport.  In addition to his racing credits he also has over 10 years of sales experience to call on as well as experience in the music industry being involved in various event promotions and performing as a DJ.  He has been involved in motorsport for a number of years in different capacities getting his start in karts and moving to racing cars, graduating through the Skip Barber racing school program and later competing in the Formula Car Challenge series as well as coaching in highline sports cars for various groups and companies. He currently works with Speed Vegas and the EXR group, coaching at their track in Las Vegas NV.  Though his racing endeavors have mostly been with constricted programs, limited in budget and resources his achievements and pace have shown the potential is there to achieve much more in the future with his expanded program.  He believes the program he is creating will be mutually beneficial to all partners that will partake in the opportunity.  Through his marketing agency and racing programs he looks to help businesses build their brand identity and offer them ways to track their expansion and growth.

To best market your product or service, you must ensure your brand ambassadors are the best in the industry. Christopher has created a program that gives businesses an opportunity to get involved in motorsport in a way that provides more value than most racing programs can offer.  He feels advertising in such a way gives an exciting opportunity and avenue for a business to promote itself and create a culture that’s bold and unique to its own brand. Leveraging his experience as a professional in the motorsports industry, Chris is confident his agency can help entrepreneurs and businesses achieve success both within top tier motorsports programs as well as outside of the motorsports world.

“Naturally, I will offer the services independently as well for anyone who just needs marketing solutions for the business, but for those looking to do something different and adventurous, I can offer a complete package that integrates the excitement of motorsport into their marketing strategy,” Christopher says.

Chris encourages any business or brand that is launching or wanting to revise or reinvigorate an existing marketing strategy to contact him.  He offers free consultations to discuss strategies that he can offer that may help your brand or business.  He can be contacted at as well as on IG at @Tarhanmotorsport.

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