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Every Chicago Bears fan knows about the team’s intense rivalry with the Minnesota Vikings. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that games between them will be packed, regardless of the venue. Lucky for Chicago Bears fans, the upcoming event will take place at Soldier Field. 

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Soldier Field is a 61,500-seat multipurpose stadium situated at 1410 Special Olympics Drive, Chicago, IL. You can book the best seats in the venue for the game coming up on January 8, 2022. If you’re only interested in being a part of the game, you can get cheap tickets, too. They are usually for the upper-row seats.

The Bears and the Vikings played their first game on the latter team’s inaugural game, where the Vikings defeated the Bears. They have since held a rivalry and play at least two times a year. Games between the two are, therefore, always heated and exciting. As fans from both teams scour the internet for tickets, now is an ideal time to secure yours.

The Bears play in the NFC North division and have won nine National Football League Championships. They have also had more victories than any other league franchise. 

Although the Minnesota Vikings haven’t won a Super Bowl yet, they have appeared the most times on conference championship games. The team plays in the NFC North division and is also called The Purple People Eaters, The Purple and Gold, and The Vikes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bears Vs Vikings Tickets

How Much Are Bears Vs Vikings Tickets?

If you’re searching for tickets to see the Bears Vs Vikings game, you can get them for $292 on average. Bears Vs Vikings ticket prices can drop to $63 for the upcoming event at Soldier Field. If you wish to book Premium Bears Vs Vikings tickets to see the game from a close view, you can expect to spend as high as $1258.

How to get cheap Bears Vs Vikings Tickets?

Find the cheapest deals on Bears Vs Vikings tickets online. They start at a low price of $63 per ticket.

How To Buy Bears Vs Vikings Tickets?

You can search for Bears Vs Vikings tickets online to find exciting deals on the prices. Book them soon if you don’t want someone else to get their hands on them.

Are Bears Vs Vikings Tickets Sold Out At Soldier Field?

Bears Vs Vikings tickets are currently available for those who want to book their seats for the upcoming game at Soldier Field. You can purchase tickets for the next game, happening on January 8, 2022.

Where Is The Bears Vs Vikings Game Located In Chicago?

You can witness an exciting game performance during the Bears Vs Vikings match, which is soon happening at Soldier Field located at 1410 Special Olympics Drive, Chicago, IL.

What Is The Bears Vs Vikings Start Time In Chicago?

There’s no need to wait too long for the upcoming Bears Vs Vikings game at Soldier Field, as its happening on January 8, 2022. 

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