Chicago Bachelor Party: Planning an Epic Night

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Organizing a bachelor party can be a pain, but if you’ve chosen Chicago as your destination then you’ve at least got the location right. This vibrant city is well suited to unforgettable nights out, so the foundations of your shindig are solid.

To make sure everything goes off without a hitch, here is an overview of the other aspects you’ll need to factor into your bachelor party preparations.

Transport is crucial

Whatever you plan to do during the bachelor party, it’s much easier to keep the group together and get from place to place if you have organized the transport well in advance.

For example, by booking a Chicago car service, you can effectively have a chauffeur on hand to ferry you around throughout the trip.

It might seem like an unnecessary expense, but in reality you’ll appreciate the convenience far more than any potential cost saving.

Accommodation is important

Everyone will need somewhere to sleep off the excess of the night before, so booking a hotel is also a primary concern for any bachelor party planner.

Luckily there’s all sorts of affordable accommodation in Chicago, and this is an area that you really don’t need to allocate too much of your budget, since you’ll not be spending much time in the rooms.

You could also choose an AirBnB instead, although this comes with its downsides, such as having to potentially put down a hefty deposit, and deal with hosts who might not be that keen on bachelor party guests descending upon their carefully prepared rooms.

Plotting out bars to visit will avoid indecision

While you can just turn up in Chicago and follow your nose to find great places to grab a drink, this is a bad idea for a bachelor party.

It’s better to choose the places you’re going to visit for a few beverages and get everyone onboard with the itinerary sooner rather than later.

If you want lots of bars within close walking distance of one another, Logan Square is a neighborhood worth checking out. If you want higher end establishments, the Magnificent Mile will be more your speed.

Basically, it’s a good idea to gauge the vibe of the evening based on the groom’s own personality and the types of guests that are on the list of attendees, as well as the agreed upon budget. This can inform your choice of watering holes, as well as many other aspects of the trip.

Planning activities will break up the day

The temptation to head straight from the hotel to the bar and stay there might be strong, but a bachelor party in Chicago can be built on more than alcohol alone.

The city offers so many amazing activities to help you bond as a group, from escape rooms to crazy golf courses and even cruises down the river or out onto the lake.

Again, set a reasonable budget and speak to other guests beforehand so you know how far you can push it in terms of booking activities.

Don’t forget about food!

Lastly, be sure to arrange for food stops throughout the bachelor party, as a liquid diet isn’t going to lead to good things by the end of the evening.

Digging into deep dish pizza at the iconic Pequod’s, for example, can set you up for the rest of the party, and will also give you that authentic Chicago restaurant experience that everyone will remember.

If in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask the groom what they want out of the experience, as this could avoid uncertainty and prevent disappointment as well.

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