6 Places for the Best Bachelor Party in Chicago 

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Alright, fellas. This one is all about you, but you know the woman in your life is going to be involved somehow. Your bachelor party! The day that all little boys dream of, right? For locals and out-of-town visitors alike, Chicago has plenty of spots to give you the best bachelor party ever, as we’re home to the most unforgettable food, bars, and nightlife. All you need to do is gather your crew and hit the streets.

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Sydney Marovitz Golf Course

3701 N Recreation Drive, Chicago, IL 60613 

When you think of a bachelor party in the city, the first thing you think of probably isn’t going to be an expansive, green and lucious 9-hole golf course, but that’s where Sydney R. Marovitz comes into play. You probably won’t find a more scenic course in Chicago as this beautiful course is only a stone’s throw from Wrigley Field and is nestled perfectly on the lakefront.

If you’ve also been wanting to try out a Golfboard (which looks like the combo of a skateboard and motorized scooter), this course offers them for a small rental fee. Guys, get out those cigars and crack a Miller Lite at 8:30 AM, because it’s tee time. 

Sluggers Bar

3540 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657

If you and your buddies live life on the competitive side, head to Sluggers. This Wrigleyville sports bar is best known for their arcade games, batting cages, and dueling pianos. Even if it’s not a Cubs day game, Sluggers’ lively atmosphere is perfect for the group who wants to hype up their groom-to-be (do guys say that?) while also beating down his ego with a few rounds in the batting cages. If the theme of your party is “fitting in the most action into the weekend as you possibly can”, don’t forget to fuel up with some of the best appetizers at Sluggers like spicy pickle fries, a jumbo pretzel, or the VIP platter for a combination of everything. When you’re done with the food, wash it all down and get ready for the next event with one of the many beer options. 

Chicago Cut Steakhouse

300 N La Salle St, Chicago, IL 60654

Is there anything more luxurious that a perfectly cooked steak paired with a glass of scotch, neat? I don’t think so, and your bachelor party shouldn’t be anything less than indulgent. Your idea of taking a night to chill probably doesn’t involve face masks and gossiping with your guy friends, but it certainly can (and should) involve a delicious meal from one of the most well-known steakhouses in the city. Chicago Cut, opened in 2010, has had soaring popularity due to the lakefront location, mouthwatering cuts, and celebrity sightings. For you, indulging in a meal that isn’t in your price range for the typical day 

Bounce Sporting Club

324 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60654

When you make your way to the clubs for a night out, Bounce is one of the most lively ones in the city. Donned as a high-end sports bar, here, you’ll feel like you’re hanging out in a lavish man cave, but getting bottle service from beautiful women at the same time. If you do opt for a table, the staff allows you to choose where in the bar you want to sit, so when your one friend can’t resist a good dance floor, you can be nice and close. You’ll also probably get hungry, and Bounce thankfully has a delicious menu full of not only the perfect bar snacks, but a few larger plates for those with a bigger appetite. 

ROOF on the Wit

201 N State St 27th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601

Elevate your bachelor party with a night at ROOF on the Wit. The Wit hotel lives in the heart of the Loop, and a party on the 27th floor means you’ll be drinking alongside some breathtaking views of the city. Not only does this electric bar have every drink you could possibly want for a very long night out, but there are always new events happening with guest DJ’s amplifying the party just that much more.

Remember that reservations made for the weekend come with a $75 per person down payment, and you need to make them more than 24-hours in advance. Be sure to take a little bit of your future wife’s type A personality with you because planning in advance is going to ensure one of the best nights ever. 

The Gold Room

3815 W Lake St, Stone Park, IL 60165

Okay, guys. This will probably be the highlight of your bachelor party, so pay close attention. The Gold Room, one of Chicago’s most well-known gentlemen’s clubs is the perfect spot for a bachelor party night. With tons of events, guest DJs, and theme nights, you’ll find that this isn’t the typical strip club with weird music that leaves you feeling a little bit gross when you leave.

To put it very plainly: the dancers are hot, you’re gonna be entertained, and the atmosphere is a giant step up from the other places you’ve been with weird wallpaper and shag carpeting. If you’re gonna do a strip club, do it big at the Gold Room.

Featured Image: Bounce Sporting Club

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