1:11 Agency Teams with Local Non-Profits to Support Women’s Sanitary Needs in Chicago

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We know the holiday season is a celebration of life, and therefore, many businesses choose this time of the year to show their support to causes that matter to them.

Today, we bring you Adrena, founder of Chicago-based PR firm 1:11 agency, and Mariah, founder of the first mental health book lounge Soul Full Chicago in Pilsen to talk about their effort in helping sex-trafficking survivors and women in general to gain better access to feminine hygiene products.

Expanding Access to Feminine Products

For those deeply involved in the cause, you may know that a lack of access to feminine products has always been a challenge, not only in Chicago but on a national level as well.

This year, 1:11 Agency has chosen to partner with Aunt Flow, The Period Collective Chicago, and S.L.A.Y Chicago — all renowned names when it comes to organizations making female hygiene products more accessible in businesses and schools.

When asked what helped the agency decide this year’s cause, Adrena, owner of 1:11 pointed out: “the Act recently passed [in Chicago] required feminine products to be in school and businesses, but it’s not happening because these products are not in the school yet. The principal and the head of administration don’t know how to acquire them.”

A History in Lifting Up Women

This is not the first time 1:11 Agency has stepped up and put in real effort to lift up their fellow women, either. Last year during the pandemic, 1:11 Agency extended their reach to provide hair care products to young ladies in Los Angeles.

“There was an Act passed in California that allows you to wear your hair how you want to wear your hair, without getting discriminated,” said Adrena. “Everyone was all hands on deck. The inspiration behind that simply came from the heart, just wanting to help, and really just being aware of sex trafficking and personal experiences from associates who have [gone] through, and sympathize with them.”

To offer help while protecting these women’s privacy, 1:11 Agency donated a maximum of 200 care packages to the Children’s Law Center in Los Angeles led by attorney Friyana Dadabhoy.

Stay Tuned and Get Involved

While the Holiday Drive was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances and to keep everyone safe, 1:11 Agency will be dropping off all products collected at Soul Full Chicago on Wednesday, December 22nd.

“A lot of schools don’t even know where to start to acquire these products. So that’s definitely something we need to bring awareness too, especially in the inner city and south side of Chicago [where] we lack so many resources and always have been,” said Adrena.

To volunteer with 1:11 Agency for future community events, contact them via their website at https://www.111-pr.com. To get in touch with Soul Full Chicago to see how you can get involved, please use reach out via http://soulfullchicago.com/.


About 1:11 Agency

Founded in 2017, 1:11 Agency is currently located in Chicago and Los Angeles. 1:11 Agency is a creative integrated and strategic communication agency specializing in public relations, brand development, partnerships, sponsorships, event curation, media production, and creative direction.

With clients ranging from: music, sports, TV, technology, entrepreneurial start-up companies, arts & culture, and fitness/wellness, 1:11 Agency focuses on producing creativity while maintaining originality through its services.

Asa women-owned, minority-owned business, 1:11 Agency cares about giving back to the community and helping other women survive and thrive. For years, they have been partnering up with local nonprofits and businesses to bring positive changes to women’s physical, mental, personal, and professional wellbeing.


About Soul Full Chicago

1508 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608

As Chicago’s very first mental health book lounge, Soul Full Chicago is here to a safe place where everyone could come and learn about the things going through their mind. “People talk about positivity and light. But you can’t exist without the darkness. It has to be a balance of both and that’s kind of why I created Soul Full. ” said the owner of Soul Full Chicago.

The book lounge currently offers a multi-tier membership that grants members access to engagement sessions, monthly dinners, monthly book recommendations, plus purchase discounts.

Featured Image Credit: The Period Collective

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